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Doc's July Update, from Pack Creek, Alaska:

Heading south in Chatham Strait, we slip quietly by a sea otter nursery. I’ve never seen so many otters with their pups, mid-channel, in deep water ...seems unusual. We have 500’ under our keel...I get out my zoom lens for a close up of mom and pup. I couldn’t resist the panorama of the lone Black Bear feasting on sedge grass...he has the place all to himself. We drifted along mesmerized by the constant Humpie pec slap... this went on for 10 to 15 minutes. Farther on, we arrive just in time to view a spectacular Orca breech. Then we did our best to sneak by a gaggle of spotted seals hauled out on the ice. I couldn’t help but sympathize with the Bald Eagle teetering rather precariously on the finely sculpted ice floating by. Just now we are chugging toward Juneau. Looking forward to our excursion circumnavigating Admiralty Island with our film crew aboard. Cheers!

Praying for Salmon

Praying for Salmon Doc.jpg



Doc White captures a brown bear deep in prayer: 

Lordie, when are those salmon gonna start runnin’…  


Humpback June .jpg

Much excitement surrounds the sporadic spotting of Humpbacks as we make way from Hoonah to Sitka, Alaska.

Doc reports seeing many large cruise ships enroute to Sitka, perhaps the busy passages send the whales to less trafficked areas.   Stay tuned, the salmon will be runnin’ soon….

The Great Bear Rainforest

In the heart of the Great Bear Sea, Glendale Cove, British Columbia:

…Doc spots a couple of grizzly bears on the beach so we launch the big tender Louisa. We head in their direction while Chris (the skipper) remains on board to keep an eye on the anchor in the strong wind. One of the bears, a young male, continues grazing on sedge grass and pays little attention to us, allowing us to approach quite close as we take numerous photos and video.

                      Tony Fleming's Logbook 5.17.18 | Doc White Photo

Casting Off!!

We're off again, this time on our film/book project:
Baja to Bering, The 10,000 NM Whale Migration Baja California to the Bering Sea, Alaska.

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