Doc and Ceci White

Award-Winning Photographer, Doc White

Award-Winning Photographer, Doc White

Doc and Ceci White specialize in the photography of marine mammals, including whales, pinnipeds, and polar bears.  While working on unique projects close to their heart, they also donate their time and images in support of environmental groups and causes that protect the world's oceans. 

Our Mission

Doc and Ceci White are setting off again, returning to their beloved maritime home, retracing their voyages from years' past. They have lived most of their married life aboard their charter boat, cruising the world, diving, exploring, photographing, researching and writing about varied marine environments.

On this voyage, they will gather our experienced and passionate team of photographers, videographers, marine ecologists, researchers, and naturalists, and guests like you, to track the 10,000-nautical mile migration route of the Humpback and Gray whale along the Pacific’s coastline, immersing the viewer in the diverse ecosystem and marine life that the whales migrate through while in transit.

If you love a place or animal for the thing that it gives you, you have a responsibility to share its beauty with others, and in doing so, perhaps bring others to love it and lend something to its care.
— The Blue Bear by Lynn Schooler

Photographic Awards and Recognition: 

  • Best top 25 underwater images ever taken

  • Best top 40 wildlife images ever taken

  • Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition (special commendation)

  • BBC Photo competition (Honorable Mention)

  • Grand Winner - Nature’s Best competition


  • Royal Geographical Society

  • Explorers Club

  • San Diego Yacht Club

Doc’s Baja to Bering endeavor is in perfect alignment with our (San Diego Yacht Club) stewardship of the maritime environment and our continued commitment to the preservation of our great natural resource — the Pacific Ocean.
— Michael J. Dorgan, Commodore San Diego Yacht Club