The Ocean needs our help

Be Part of the Solution


Sharing our Passion 

Thank you to Helly Hansen, who share our passion and goals, and who have contributed their outdoor gear to Ocean Magic Productions.


Ceci and Doc warmin’ up next to blue ice. 


Doc’s Baja to Bering endeavor is in perfect alignment with our (San Diego Yacht Club) stewardship of the maritime environment and our continued commitment to the preservation of our great natural resource — the Pacific Ocean.
— — Michael J. Dorgan, Commodore San Diego Yacht Club

become an ocean advocate

        There is so much we can do to help the ocean and its creatures. Ditching Plastic is a big first step. Join us and make an impact! 



Ocean Magic Production’s videographer, Gage Hingeley was hoping to go for a nice morning paddle, until he saw all the trash in the water. He decided, instead, to video it as a reminder – our trash eventually ends up in our ocean. Gage and his girlfriend picked up what they could from the littered shoreline. Kudos for their efforts. We can all be part of the Solution. #Surfrider