Ocean Magic Project Advisors:   

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John E. McCosker, Ph.D., is a well-known expert in ichthyology and has been part of expeditions to many countries including: Antarctica, Australia, and the Galapagos. Currently, he is a senior scientist at the California Academy of Sciences,      San Francisco.


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Dale Stokes, Ph.D., is an oceanographer with Scripps Institution of Oceanography,UCSD.  He has extensive oceanographic field experience and has participated in various research expeditions dedicated to the study of pelagic and benthic environments around the world.





Burney Le Boeuf, Ph.D., Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Emeritus, UC Santa Cruz. Le Boeuf is internationally know as a pioneer in the field of marine mammal behavior.   


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J.Peter Schroeder, DVM, Pacific Northwest, specializes in the study and care of marine mammals. Schroeder has applied his learning to improve the lives of these animals, through direct veterinary care, advocacy and education.

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Paul K. Dayton, Ph.D.,                Scripps Institution of Oceanography,    UC San Diego. Dayton is a biological oceanographer and marine ecologist; he researches coastal and estuarine habitats, including seafloor (“benthic”) and kelp communities, as well as global fisheries.


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Matthew S. Edwards, Ph.D., is a coastal marine ecologist at San Diego State University. He studies rocky reef ecosystems throughout the Northeast Pacific Ocean, with particular attention on the ecology and physiology of organisms that inhabit kelp forest. 


Rodrigo Beas, Ph.D., is a Professor at the Facultad de Ciencias Marinas,  Universidad Autónoma de Baja California. His research focuses on informing management of cross-border resources on temperate coastal ecosystems in California and Baja California.

Brock Rosenthal founded  Ocean Innovations in 1993. He represents some of the leading manufactures of equipment for diverse applications including underwater security, ocean sciences, environmental studies, hydrographic surveying, geophysical exploration, military activities and civil engineering.