Swift Pacific Adventure

Doc White Harbor Seal Ocean Magic Productions

Photo: Doc White/Harbor Seal

Excited to launch the Swift Pacific Adventure. Doc & Ceci White are heading off on another voyage, with our film crew, aboard Beneteau’s Swift Trawler 47. Join us as we explore our own backyard – the coastal Pacific. The newly launched Swift Trawler 47 has departed Seattle and is enroute to San Francisco, where the Ocean Magic Team will begin the San Francisco to San Diego leg. The Adventure includes exploring stunning coastal marine habitats, and the Channel Islands. It’s been an unusual year so far for viewing creatures who have wondered into local coastal waters - blue whales and Guadalupe fur seals have been spotted off Long Beach and Dana Point. We look forward to sharing photos and videos on this website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and BeauteauAmerica’s SwiftPacifcAdventure.com